Blood for Blood Finished! Woot!

Those of you who’ve been following my blog know all about the personal drama surrounding Blood for Blood, the first novel of my Blood Oath series, and the first novel of my “new era” (more on that later).

You know that I trunked Blood for Blood due to ethical concerns over its message, and that I subsequently figured out how to make it work with my personal beliefs (by making it the first part of a trilogy, in which its events can be viewed as a part of a larger perspective, reframes its message nicely. It only “doesn’t work” if it’s the final word on the subject).

Well, doing that reframe required some revisions, mostly in the form of new scenes, and I”m proud to announce that it’s finished!  All that’s left is for my first reader to catch any typos or inconsistencies.  I’m currently working on the book trailer, the cover, and the second book in the trilogy (I’ve actually been working on that one on the side, and so you might see a ‘Blood Guilt Finished!  Woot!’ post much sooner than you’d expect).

I’ll put it up on, Barnes & Noble, and other ebook outlets (most likely through Smashwords, which should cover iBooks, Kobo, etc.) as soon as it’s proofed and covered.

Needless to say, I’m very excited, and I’ll keep you posted!


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