Contents Under Pressure

Lately, life has been taking a lot more time out of me, and I’ve found myself having to cram my writing into small spaces between responsibilities.  I was worried about what this would do to my productivity, and my ability to think and write and create.

I really shouldn’t have been.

I wrote 430 words in 12 minutes today,  Four hundred thirty words in twelve minutes.  Why’d I stop there?  Because I only HAD 12 minutes before my next appointment.

And that’s not an aberration.  In fact, it’s starting to look like a pattern.

It’s amazing.  The time pressure of having to stop writing just jump-started me, and I blurred through those words in no time flat.

So, if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to write, you might try writing sometime when you only have limited time.  If you have to leave for a night class at 5:30, start writing at 4:30, or even 5:00 (but be ready to walk out the door before you start, so you won’t be late to class).  Be firm, and stop when you need to stop.  Then, do the same again the next time you’ve got a hard limit coming up.

You might find the limitation liberating.


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