Blood for Blood is UP!

I am extremely excited right now.  Blood for Blood is now up on the Kindle Store!  (you can find it here).  I’m also working on getting it up on Smashwords and Pubit, and hope to have that done by the end of the week.

If you haven’t gone through the process, learning to format a document for Smashwords is a bit of a learning curve.  It’s not bad, per se, but there’s a lot to do, a lot to read, and, if you’ve been using Word or OpenOffice in the “default” way that so many people do (using “tabs” for paragraph indents, spacing with spaces, etc.), you’re going to have to go through and fix some things.  Fortunately, the Smashwords guidebook is very helpful, and is available for free here.

The good thing about formatting for Smashwords is that what you end up with will work for almost any e-publishing site, with very minor adjustments.  It’s been a blast, and I’ve been learning quite a lot about formatting, what works on e-readers and what doesn’t.

I’m also really excited because of the other works I have that are almost ready.  I have pretty much finished up the second book in the Blood Oath trilogy, Blood Guilt.  I’m also working on a “supplemental story” that takes place during the “gaps” in the trilogy.  It doesn’t really relate that closely to the larger conflict, and is hardly necessary to understand the others, but it’s fun.  It’s got a good story, and I’m able to do a lot of worldbuilding that I haven’t otherwise done because of the intense pace of the trilogy.

I have a novella that’s almost ready to publish, called Toward Darkness.  It’s the first in a new series, The Red Lands (which does not involve vampires or the Blood Oath setting.  Instead, it’s worlds-crossing action-horror with post-apocalyptic and Arthurian elements).  The second novella in that series is probably less than 20 hours away from being ready to release.  I’m not sure what to call it, though.

I was busy during the Blood for Blood hiatus, which you can read about here and here, if you haven’t already.

I plan on finishing up the supplemental story I’m working on (right now it’s called Blood Guilt: Knights and Shadows, to let everyone know where it falls in relation to the trilogy), and I plan to finish the trilogy, writing the last Blood Oath book (which I might call Blood Oath, sort to round out the trilogy.  I’m not sure about the title, and I’ve only written a tiny bit of the book.  I’m a little nervous about it, but I think it will turn out well).  I also plan on getting the novellas ready and releasing them.

My plan is to release no fewer than six novel or novel-length works this year: Blood for Blood, Toward Darkness, Blood Guilt, Blood Guilt: Knights and Shadows, the second novella, whose name is still undetermined, and finally Blood Oath, the final book in Benedict’s Blood Oath trilogy.

What can I say, it’s time to let the birdies out of the nest…


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