Red Lands!!

I am SO excited about this.  Last year, I wrote the first “Red Lands” book, a novella called Toward Darkness, but, of course, I didn’t release it anywhere (I plan on putting it up on Kindle and Smashwords by the first week of May).  I also started writing the second book, but ran into insurmountable obstacles, based on inexperience on my part and general lack of clarity as to what I wanted the main story to be.

Toward Darkness (Red Lands Book 1) begins the story and introduces the characters through a fast-paced, horrific journey through a road between worlds, a hellish echo of a normal subdivision populated by some of the ugliest creatures from the myths of the English and Scottish borderlands.

City of the Dead (Red Lands Book 2) slows things down just a little, exploring the characters in more depth, employing a more lurking horror, more survival-oriented issues (including natural hazards such as feral dogs) in a city that has been completely emptied of human life.

Well, for the last few weeks, I’ve returned to Red Lands Book 2, and I finally got my head on straight about what I’d wanted to do all along.  I had to cut a lot of material out (most of which will be used in Book 3, rather than discarded – the problem was too much in one story, not bad material), and I had to write a lot of new material as well, to finish the story.  But it’s done, and it’s ready to pass on to my first reader.

I am so excited, I just had to share it here.



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