The New Look

Frequent visitors to my site have probably noticed a few changes.  I’ve already talked about the second Word Count meter.  Now I’m going to talk about  the new layout.

I never was 100% satisfied with the previous layout, “Rusty Grunge.”  I thought it looked good, and the color combination was appropriate for action horror, urban fantasy, and dark fantasy.  On the other hand, my subtitle wrapped awkwardly and there wasn’t a good place for a cover.

After viewing, well, every other author’s blog out there, I decided it was pretty important to showcase my books visually, in a way that the site visitors wouldn’t have to hunt for.   I guess I could have just post-dated a blog post to 2099, so it would “always be the newest,” but honestly, I find that really tedious on other blogs.  It’s not so bad with a full-sized screen, but having to scroll past that same “announcement post” every time can be tedious on a netbook, tablet, or smart phone.

So, I found a new theme, Neo-Sapien.  It looks even more action-horror-appropriate than “Rusty Grunge,” and I really dig the Exosquad reference.

My next plan for the site is to add a few more “Pages” (tabs across the top), one  specifically giving information about books currently available and one about my game-related writings (I have a column over on RPGnet, though I honestly don’t spend much time on it anymore, between my family, my writing, and my day job).  I should probably revise my “About Me” tab, since I haven’t even looked at it in several months.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this ride.  My next real task is finishing the cover for “Toward Darkness” so I can put it up for sale.  Wish me luck!


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