Updates and Housekeeping

Hi.  I just wanted to post a little update.

If you haven’t read “Peace?  I Hate the Word,” the first story of my short story challenge, I’d suggest making haste.  It will only be up for free until Monday.  Then it will go up on my Kindle and Smashwords pages, alongside Blood for Blood.

Clearly, I have not been keeping up with the one short story per week goal of the challenge.  I said from the beginning that I most likely would not.  I have a relatively low word count per day goal, and I have kept that pretty well, but my current work schedule, school schedule, family commitments, etc. have prevented me from the relatively major investment of time and energy necessary to do a full short story a week (especially since my short stories are long – “Peace? I Hate the Word” has actually turned into a Novelette (over 7,500 words), and is thus too long to publish in most magazines.  That’s fine: I’m putting it up here for a while and then moving it to my Kindle and Smashwords stores.

That said, if I do write any stories of a length and type to be acceptable to the major market magazines, I’ll refrain from posting them here so that I can submit them there.  Several posts by Dean Wesley Smith convinced me that this is a good idea, because the magazines not only serve as free advertisement for all my work, but they pay decently, and they revert the rights back to the author (me!) within a year (often less) of publication.  No non-compete clauses or agency agreements involved.

In other news, I’ve been working on preparing Toward Darkness for e-publication.  I found a new cover image, and I’ve made a few minor changes to better lay the groundwork for the whole series.  I’ll give you more information when it’s up.


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