About Me

My name is Brent Dedeaux, an indie-writer of fiction, mostly fantasy and modern fantasy, and this is my blog.  Writing has always been a part of who I am, a sort of unquestioned attribute, like my brown eyes or unusually tall height.  But about five years ago, I’d hit a point of endless revision and second-guessing which drained away all purpose and joy.

In the last four years, I”ve really undergone a total transformation in my writing process, first regaining the joy of writing, and then turning my eyes on something beyond just writing for writing’s sake.

So now, I’m trying to explore not only what I’ll write, but what my writing will mean.  Every story tells a story, and says something, whether the writer intends it to or not.  So what does my writing say?  What will it say?  What do I want it to say?

Come along for the ride, and we’ll find out together.




  1. Hi, are you the Brent Dedeaux who writes “Tales from the Rocket House”? If you are, would you send me a copy of your Tarafore System Role Playing Game rules? It sounds very much like a system I’ve been working on for years, and I think you’ve solved more of the problems than I have.

    • I am that Brent Dedeaux. Let me get back to my desktop computer, and I’ll send you the .pdf.

      I’d also like to see a copy of your system, just to see what it’s about, if you don’t mind.

  2. I’d love a PDF of the complete Tarafore system too…pretty please, with sugar on top?

    • I can email it to you. If you reply to this comment with your email address, I’ll send it. I won’t “Approve” that comment, so it won’t show up here, and won’t show your email address publicly.

      • And if it automatically goes through, I can manually erase it after I get your email address.

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