Hello, Hello…

That’s not the title of a Britcom about the French Resistance, a line from a Shakespeare’s Sister song, nor a line from Melissa Etheridge’s “No Souvenirs;” it’s me (or rather, it is I) saying hello to my reading public.

And who am I, you might ask?  Brent Dedeaux, and I write what might best be called “Immortal Fiction.”  You might also call it urban-historical fantasy, because it involves horror elements, like vampires, in an urban fantasy style (ie, they’re not monsters, they’re people.  Some of them are horrible people, but they’re people), and most of the work is set in the past.

I’m not stuck in the past, though. In fact, I’m writing my way toward the present.  My first series of novellas, Blood for Blood, of which book one, No Beast So Fierce is available here at the Kindle Store, starts in 1900 and moves through New Year’s Day 2000.

I’ll be posting here pretty regularly, talking about new material, my writing process, and any interesting links I happen to find.


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